​TAE-REP, Inc.

The leading company of manufacturer's representatives in Upstate New York since 1980.

TAE-REP, Inc.  is the leading technical Manufacturers Representative firm covering Upstate New York and has been in continuous operation since 1980. Our product lines maintain a synergy within the Test and Measurement industry and include Digital Power Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, MSOs,  and ScopeCorders, AC and DC Power Products, Pressure Sensors and Pressure Calibration systems, Flow Meters, Trace Moisture Analyzers and sensors, Oxygen and Hydrogen Transmitters, Avionics databus solutions, Signal Conditioning modules,  Data Acquisition systems and Data Loggers, Spectrum Analyzers, LCR Meters, Safety Testers and Electronic Loads

The new Yokogawa DL350 ScopeCorder (seen to the right)  is a portable instrument featuring the deep measurement and recording capabilities you need in the lab in a compact instrument you can take into the field. A ScopeCorder combines the transient signal capturing capabilities of an oscilloscope with the long-term datalogging capabilities of a data recorder.

October, 2017: We are pleased to welcome our newest principal, Delphian Corp. to our line card.

Delphian has manufactured an entire line of Gas Monitoring Sensors and Systems for Toxic and Combustible Gases and Vapors for over 40 years.  Its monitoring capabilities range from simple standalone units to multi-channel analog and digital systems to full computer based systems. Our sensors incorporate the latest in Infrared, Catalytic Bead, Electrochem and Solid-State technologies. Delphian products are proudly built in the USA with the primary philosophy being to make a quality, affordable product and support it with excellent customer service.

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